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KardsGT — You're Now Free to Play

KardsGT is a free sourced card game suite. We want to bring an immersing card game environment to the free sourced world. It is currently in a beta-level of development. Despite that, it is quite playable.

If you want to download the game, join one of our user mailing list, check the latest news, report a bug, read our documentation, or even request a feature, then please see our Development Site . If you are interested in what the game looks like; we have screen shots of the current release. For how our project works, or even how to join see our policy section. If you want more information on what our project is about, read on. If you would like to talk with some of the developers and users of KardsGT, join us on Freenode in the KardsGT channel.

Current Features

The following are the general features: The following are the games: The following are the players:

Project Goals

Here are the ideas, in no particular order:

Road Map

Here is the current direction we're heading for KardsGT. Not everything may get done by the target release date. This is only our tentative schedule.

Version 0.8

Release Objectives:
  1. Rummy
  2. Generic card classes.
  3. Dynamic loading of card games.

Development Phase Time-line

Phase Target Date Actual Date
Planning 17 Aug 08 17 Aug 08
Feature Freeze 24 Aug 08 26 Aug 08
Code Freeze 14 Jun 09
Release Candidates 17 Jun 09
Documentation 21 Jun 09
Release 28 Jun 09

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